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About Chronotrade

Chronotrade was started by people who love classic, luxury and designer watches. Find out more by reading our about us page.

By being at the heart of the selling process we can ensure that:

- All watches in the online shop are authenticated by an expert, and checked to ensure they are as described

- Sellers know their funds are secured as soon as someone purchases

- Buyers know their watch is exactly what they ordered.

- You always know who you’re dealing with: Chronotrade.

Set up your Chronotrade account in seconds to start trading, and get access to a secure marketplace where both buyers and sellers can have complete confidence in their transaction.

Chronotrade can only provide security and authenticity for Buyers and Sellers if trades are made directly through our service.

In order to maintain this level of protection for all users, we do not allow direct contact between buyers and sellers.

Should you need to contact a Buyer or Seller, we ask that you make a request through Chronotrade using the email address, including the listing/order reference number.

Using our Premises

If you wish to pay in our Stratford-upon-Avon shop, you will need to provide proof of ID and Proof of Address as well as the order reference number. A Driving License or Passport and recent utility bill would be ideal.

Authentication can take up to 4 working days, and delivery times will depend on where you’re located and how long it takes the seller to send the watch out to us.

A+ Unworn - Perfect condition, never worn

A Mint - Worn but no marks or signs of wear

B Good - Minimal signs of wear

C Fair - Some small scratches or defects, or signs of wear

D Poor - Significant scuffs/scratches or major signs of wear

E Parts - Only suitable for parts

For a more detailed description, check out our Guide to watch condition grades.

Once you’ve bought a watch, it will appear in your Account under Orders. There will be a “How do I pay?” option above the watch that will show you the bank details.

The seller will be charged an admin fee and we will issue a refund to you within 5 working days, assuming we have not yet sent the watch on.

Your first step is to head to /buy-watches and use the filters to select the type of watches you’re interested in.

You can select from Brands, Condition, Price Range and more to find all the watches that you might be interested in.

You can even Save your search using the heart icon to add this search to your Account, and select whether you’d like email updates whenever a new watch fitting this criteria becomes available.

All watches in our Online Shop come to Chronotrade for authentication before we send them on to you.That way you can be certain that the watch you see online is the watch you’re purchasing, and that it’s the genuine article.

The easiest way to buy a watch with Chronotrade is to set up a free account and pay by Bank Transfer or your saved card. You can also choose to pay via credit or debit card in store at Knights Jewellers in Stratford-upon-Avon.

If you wish to pay in our Stratford-upon-Avon shop, you will need to provide proof of ID and Proof of Address as well as the order reference number. A Driving License or Passport and recent utility bill would be ideal.

Please be aware that you cannot collect your watch whilst paying in store.

If you don’t have an account, you are still able to pay securely online with a credit or debit card, or pay in store, but you will not be able to pay by Bank Transfer.

Once you’ve selected a watch to buy, it will be held as an Order for 3 working days to give you time to make your payment.

If you are paying by Bank Transfer, please make sure you use your Order number as a reference so your payment can be tracked, and that you mark the watch as Paid to alert Chronotrade that your payment has been sent.

If you have not made your payment within the 3 working day timeframe your purchase will be cancelled and the watch may be relisted online.

Buying at Auction

When you bid, you can select the box to get an email notification when there’s only an hour left on your auction.

Go to the “Your Bids” section of your account to see ongoing auctions.

Auctions are only available to Traders, if you have a Trader account you can see watches available at auction here.

As the highest bidder, your bid will need to be accepted by the seller. Once it’s been accepted you’ll be able to make your payment by Bank Transfer or In Store with cash or a credit/debit card. 

If you are paying by Bank Transfer, please make sure you use the Order Number as your payment reference so your payment can be easily identified.

If you wish to pay in our Stratford-upon-Avon shop, you will need to provide proof of ID and Proof of Address as well as the Order Number. A Driving License or Passport and recent utility bill would be ideal.

If you have not made your payment within the 3 working day timeframe your purchase will be cancelled and the watch may be relisted online.


If you’re an individual who is buying and selling watches for your own personal use, you are a Private Seller. If you are trading watches as a business, then you will need a Business account, where you can enter your Company and VAT numbers, and also have the opportunity to upgrade and become a Trader.

If you’ve lost your password, or just want to reset it, go to the login screen and click the “Forgot Password” option. Then enter your email address and a link to set up a new password will be emailed to you.

When you’ve logged in to your account, visit the “Account Details” section where you can update your personal and contact details, as well as your payment details.

Joining Chronotrade is so easy. Just visit /register and fill out the form. Select whether you’re a Private Seller or a Business and click “Register” to get started!

Trader accounts are for businesses who also want the opportunity to buy watches at auction. You can also get special commission rates as a Trader, as all these accounts are verified by Chronotrade.

Currently Chronotrade only allows sales from within the UK, but buyers can be based around the world. Please see our T&Cs for more details about overseas purchases and additional charges for overseas deliveries.


Our sale process means that funds must be received from the buyer before you send your watch for authentication. Once we have received and authenticated your watch, we send it on to your buyer and send the funds to you.

If a watch is stolen it will be automatically flagged with the Watch Register who would contact Chronotrade. We would then need to hold the goods and contact relevant authorities. The purchaser of a stolen watch would receive a full refund.

If a watch arrives at Chronotrade and it is found not to be authentic, we will hold the watch and give a full refund to the purchaser. We also reserve the right to charge an admin fee of £100 to the seller. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

During our Authentication process we would reject this watch due to an incorrect description. Chronotrade would contact both the buyer and seller to inform them we don’t deem the goods to be represented correctly. We would see if the buyer wishes to progress with an updated description and classification.

Traders accounts can only be held by legitimate businesses with good standing in the industry. They must be a registered UK company with a retail or office presence in the UK and have two references from businesses of similar status.

This way we can ensure that every Trader on this website is a responsible, reputable business.

Chronotrade do a detailed authentication test on every watch that is sold through our Online Shop, we also check it against the Watch Register to ensure it is not a stolen item. Your watch will be delivered to you with a unique Chronotrade tag and seal to ensure authenticity. Read our Authentication Guide for more details.

All listings are moderated by Chronotrade, and all watches sold in the Online Shop are authenticated by our expert team. The authentication procedure includes checking the serial number against the Watch Register to ensure it is a legitimate sale.

The Watch Register is part of the Art Loss Register. Founded in London in 1990, the Art Loss Register is the world’s largest private database of lost, stolen and looted art, antiques and collectibles. It now contains information on half a million items. The range of items is considerable and includes paintings, sculptures, antiquities, watches, clocks, jewellery, musical instruments, furniture, books and coins.

The database is used by law enforcement, insurers, the trade, museums and private individuals worldwide in order to register losses with the aim of recovery.

The database currently lists over 70,000 lost and stolen watches, and is growing rapidly. The Watch Register includes registrations for over 850 different brands, manufacturers and watchmakers. The Watch Register offers due diligence services to the watch trade, which allow watch dealers, auction houses and collectors to check the status of a watch on the database.

Thanks to the growing use of the database by the trade and collectors, 750,000 pre-owned watches passing through the international market are now checked against the database per year. These widespread search operations offer theft victims, insurers and police forces the best possible chance of recovering stolen watches.


When you purchase through Chronotrade there are no additional fees. Your watch will be authenticated and delivered securely as part of the price you see online.

Find out your fees by using the calculator on the Fees page.

We can offer special commission rates for Traders, if you’d like to talk to us about special Trader rates, please get in touch.

Delivery & Returns

We advise all sellers use Royal Mail Special Delivery to send their watches, so that we can track the parcel and also to ensure the watch is insured in transit.

Yes, but we highly recommend you choose a courier who can provide insurance for the item in transit, as well as providing a tracking code.

All transactions through Chronotrade are covered by the consumer rights regulations ensuring a 14 day money back guarantee. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details about your rights as a consumer.

For a full description of how to return your watch, please read our Guide to find out how the process works, as well as your rights and responsibilities when making a return.

Chronotrade send all watches through Royal Mail Special Delivery, and provide a tracking code so you can track your parcel’s progress.


Chronotrade was created to provide both buyers and sellers with the highest level of protection when trading watches online.

Our Authentication service ensures all watches sold through the site are genuine, and we provide peace of mind to both buyers and sellers by ensuring funds are not released until that authentication has been completed. For a more detailed explanation of how we authenticate watches please read our guide.

We have a 14 day returns policy (please read our Terms & Conditions for more details) for your peace of mind.

Protection and security of your account and personal data is paramount to Chronotrade. Our website is built to provide you with security at every stage from setting up your account to making a purchase. To find out how we protect your personal data and information, please read our: - Buyer T&Cs - Seller T&Cs - Data Privacy Policy


You can edit your listing from the Live section of your Account, or if it’s not been sent for moderation yet, from the Drafts section.

Here you can change the details of the watch, delete the listing, move it to the Online Shop or to Auction, or Submit the listing for review.

If your action is over, but you’re not happy with the winning bid, you can still decide not to accept the highest bid and cancel the sale. If you choose not to sell at this price, you will be able to re-list the watch at auction or in the shop.

If your buyer fails to make payment within 3 working days of purchase then you will be notified that the sale has been cancelled, and you can re-list your watch with a simple click.

Yes, but you may be charged an administration fee.

You’ll be informed by email once your buyer has paid for the watch, which is when you should pack your watch for delivery to Chronotrade. 

We highly recommend you use Royal Mail Special Delivery to send the watch to us, and ask you to supply the Tracking Code so we can keep an eye on the parcel.

Once we’ve received the watch it will be authenticated by our expert team, and once we’ve confirmed the watch is genuine and as described, we will release funds to you and send the watch on to your buyer.

If your Auction ends without a sale, you will have the option to re-start the auction, move your watch to the Online Shop, or remove the listing.

The main difference between selling in the Shop and selling at Auction is time.

At Auction you can gather bids on your watch from authorised Traders, meaning you can choose the best price for a quick sale.

Selling in the Shop means that you can set the price you want for your watch, and you’ll be advertising it to a wider audience including private buyers and businesses.

Chronotrade hold the funds for your watch for 14 days to ensure the buyer receives the watch and is satisfied with their purchase. After 14 days the funds are released to you. It is this Escrow service that protects both buyers and sellers in the event of any disputes.

It’s always a good idea to have a look on the site for similar watches to yours, to get an idea of the prices others are selling them for.

Once you have an idea of what your watch is worth, use our Fees calculator to see what price you should sell for to ensure getting the right price in your pocket.

Once you’ve selected whether you want to sell your watch in the Online Shop or at Auction, you’ll need to add your watch details. It’s important to be as accurate as you can so your watch matches the right searches.

You will also need to upload a minimum of three images of your watch so that people can see its condition and are enticed to buy! Read our Guide to Amazing Photos here for advice on how to take the best photos to sell your watch.

Once you’ve added your photos and description, you can either Save your listing to your Account, or Submit to send it for approval by Chronotrade.

When you Submit your listing, you’ll need to put in your Bank Details to ensure funds can be sent to you when your watch is sold.

There are a number of reasons your listing might not be accepted, for example: - If you are based overseas  - If there is inaccurate information  - If there are unsuitable pictures (i.e., images from Google, not of the actual watch) - If there are contact details within the listing

If your listing has been rejected, you can always edit it and resubmit.

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