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The Watch Register is part of the Art Loss Register. Founded in London in 1990, the Art Loss Register is the world’s largest private database of lost, stolen and looted art, antiques and collectibles. It now contains information on half a million items. The range of items is considerable and includes paintings, sculptures, antiquities, watches, clocks, jewellery, musical instruments, furniture, books and coins.

The database is used by law enforcement, insurers, the trade, museums and private individuals worldwide in order to register losses with the aim of recovery.

The database currently lists over 70,000 lost and stolen watches, and is growing rapidly. The Watch Register includes registrations for over 850 different brands, manufacturers and watchmakers. The Watch Register offers due diligence services to the watch trade, which allow watch dealers, auction houses and collectors to check the status of a watch on the database.

Thanks to the growing use of the database by the trade and collectors, 750,000 pre-owned watches passing through the international market are now checked against the database per year. These widespread search operations offer theft victims, insurers and police forces the best possible chance of recovering stolen watches.

Traders accounts can only be held by legitimate businesses with good standing in the industry. They must be a registered UK company with a retail or office presence in the UK and have two references from businesses of similar status.

This way we can ensure that every Trader on this website is a responsible, reputable business.

Our sale process means that funds must be received from the buyer before you send your watch for authentication. Once we have received and authenticated your watch, we send it on to your buyer and send the funds to you.

All listings are moderated by Chronotrade, and all watches sold in the Online Shop are authenticated by our expert team. The authentication procedure includes checking the serial number against the Watch Register to ensure it is a legitimate sale.

During our Authentication process we would reject this watch due to an incorrect description. Chronotrade would contact both the buyer and seller to inform them we don’t deem the goods to be represented correctly. We would see if the buyer wishes to progress with an updated description and classification.

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