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What Condition Grade is my Watch?


The grades are:

  • A+ Unworn
  • A Excellent
  • B Good
  • C Fair
  • D Poor
  • E Parts only

A+ Unworn
An A+ grade is for a watch that has never been worn and will often have the full set of stickers still attached and the accompanying box and papers. It will have zero visibility of wear and would appear like new as if just purchased.

A Excellent
This is for a hardly worn watch with virtually no signs of wear. Only under very close scrutiny can any defects be visible.

B Good
A B grade is for  worn watch showing slight scratches - but nothing a gentle polish can’t resolve.

C Fair
A C grade watch is one which has clearly been worn. It will have scratches and may have been knocked around a little, leaving more visible defects such as case indentations or a polish which has slightly changed from the original finish.

D Poor
This grade is for a a watch showing heavy signs of wear including scratches and other obvious defects. It may need professional attention before being fit to wear.

E Parts
Selling a watch for parts is necessary when a watch is no longer a fully working piece but is fit to sell as spare parts for other watches. It’s really important when selling a Watch as E Grade, that you make clear which elements of the watch are suitable to reuse.

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