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Private Seller Account


To get started, you’ll need a Private Seller account. Just visit /register and enter your details, including a secure password to set up your account.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll see your Account Overview page. This has all the details about your Chronotrade activity, including watches you’ve listed for sale, watches that you’ve sold, and saved searches.

Changing your details
If you want to update your contact information, personal details or your saved card details, go to the “Account Details” section of your account. 

From here you can review all your account details including any cards you’ve saved to the account.

Saved Searches
Whether you’re looking for a specific watch to buy, or want to get a feel for the pricing of similar watches for sale, the Saved Search option can be really helpful.

Go to /find-a-watch from your Account or from the main website and enter the details of the watch you’d like to keep your eye on. Before you “View Search Results” make sure you check the “Save this search and email me updates” box.

This means that your search will be saved in your account, and when a watch matching your search is listed on the site, you’ll be updated by email so you can be the first to check it out.