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Authenticating a watch

How We Authenticate Your Watch


Our Authentication process is a 6 step procedure, carried out by our expert, experienced staff.

Step One
We record the initial inspection to ensure that the watch packaging is sealed, intact and undamaged. We also check the delivery tracking number and unique Chronotrade reference number.

Step Two
With the camera still rolling, we open the packaging and do a visual inspection of the watch to ensure the correct item has been sent, and that it’s not obviously different from its online description.

Step Three
Now that we’re satisfied this is the correct item, we start a thorough check of the watch and papers, to ensure they are all corresponding and match the model and serial numbers.

Step Four
Next, we go through the finer details, checking the Grade, age, case material and size, case reference number if applicable, the dial and the bracelet/strap reference number.

Step Five
Once the outside of the watch has been authenticated, we take a look at the internals, inspect the movement authenticity and movement reference number, taking note of any further details along the way, including any non-genuine parts.

Step Six
With the watch verified and authenticated, we seal it with a unique Chronotrade tag to show the watch has been approved and authenticated, and send it off to its new owner.