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How to measure your wrist

How to Measure Your Wrist


The simplest way to measure your wrist is to use a flexible tape measure, but if you don’t have one to hand a string, wire or ribbon could be the answer to your problems!

Simply wrap the string (or alternative) around your wrist and mark where the two ends meet with a pen.

Stretch it back out and measure the distance between the two pen marks with a ruler to get your approximate wrist size.

Unless you like to wear your watch VERY snugly, we also recommend adding a little wiggle room for comfort.

If you already have a watch that fits you perfectly, you can also measure the bracelet of that piece to get your perfect size watch.

Of course many of the watches available on Chronotrade come with adjustable straps, so make sure you check the details of your watch to see if you’ll need to make an adjustment.

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