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Caring for your watch

Caring for Your Watch


So, to put off that dreaded first scratch for as long as possible, there are a few tips to keeping your watch looking pristine for as long as possible.

Keep it in a box
No, not all the time! But keeping your watch in its original box, or a dedicated box when you’re not wearing it will help keep it looking great. There’s nothing like leaving a watch on a dresser or chucking it in a drawer to encourage scuffs and scratches.

Don’t be too enthusiastic with cleaning
If you’re too proactive about cleaning your watch, you may actually do it more damage. Cleaning products or rubbing your watch with rough cloths are really common ways to scuff up your timepiece. Even regular polishing can cause a watch to lose its shape, so we recommend you simply give your watch a gentle wipe with a microfibre cloth to keep it looking good.

Send it to the spa
If your watch needs some attention, then we always recommend sending it to a specialist (like us!) for a thorough clean. A specialist jeweller or watch repair shop will know exactly how to polish your watch without causing any damage or wear.