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5 Steps to a Great Watch Listing


Here are our 5 steps to creating the best listing for your watch.

Step 1 - Do your research

Take a look at similar watches for sale for an idea of what your watch is worth. Remember to try and find ones in a similar condition to yours and work out a price that’s going to keep you and your buyer happy.

Step 2 - Take some great pictures

We have a whole guide on how to take great pictures, but essentially, make sure you get some good shots of the watch face, back and strap so that your watch looks great in the listings.

Step 3 - Write a good (and honest!) description

A good description of a watch makes a massive difference to a buyer. Here is where you can describe the watch condition in full, and remember, the more detail you put in, the more confidence they have in your credibility.

Step 4 - Spell Check

Seems silly, but spelling mistakes and typos really do make people lose faith in you as a seller. A quick check of your listing to get rid of minor mistakes can make a huge difference.

Step 5 - Get a great sale!