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Authenticity Guarantee

100% Authenticity

When buying a watch through Chronotrade we guarantee authenticity. Using our step by step process we check every watch that is sold through our shop to ensure the watch is described correctly and is the genuine article.

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Never accept less than perfect

As part of our authentication process we not only evaluate the condition to make sure it has been listed correctly, we also perform due diligence by checking with the Watch Register prior to completing any sale. The Watch Register is the largest international database of lost and stolen watches available. It is the central database used by police forces, insurance companies, private individuals and the trade worldwide to record losses, and to check whether a watch has been registered as stolen. The database currently lists over 70,000 lost and stolen watches, and is growing every day.

We never release a watch into the possession of the buyer until the funds are in our secure escrow and we never release funds to the seller until the statutory period is over and you are completely happy with your new purchase.

Should there be an issue, we are here make sure any problems are resolved fairly in accordance with our terms and conditions. When dealing through Chronotrade we track every stage of the process. You will only ever deal with us directly, and you will have full customer support throughout the process.

The Authentication Process

As part of our authenticity guarantee, every watch requires detailed inspection. We even record important steps in the process to give you full peace of mind before we give our stamp of approval.

Inspecting a luxury watch
  • Step One

    We record the initial inspection to ensure that the watch packaging is sealed, intact and undamaged. We then check the delivery tracking number against the unique Chronotrade reference number.

  • Step Two

    Continuing to record we open the package and do a visual inspection of the watch to ensure the correct timepiece has been sent and to check that the watch is not obviously different from the online description.

  • Step Three

    Satisfied that we have the correct item we start a thorough check of the watch to ensure it corresponds in detail with the online listing. We correspond all details including the make, model and paperwork (if applicable).

Filling out a watch inspection form
  • Step Four

    We then move onto the finer details checking the grade, dial, case material, bracelet material and cross referencing this with the listing to make sure the watch has been listed correctly.

  • Step Five

    Next we move on to one of the more important areas - we remove the case back and do a detailed inspection on the movement to check its authenticity, taking note of any further information we consider necessary for authentication.

  • Step Six

    Once we are completely satisfied the watch is genuine and the listing represents the quality of the watch, we then then attach the unique Chronotrade tag. This shows the watch has fully passed inspection and we are happy to post the watch onto the new owner.

Protecting Buyers and Sellers

By Authenticating all watches sold through the site, we protect both buyers and sellers from unscrupulous traders, fake listings and unauthentic goods.

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